Projects & Funding

Since its inception in 2000, GPAC has been supported by a diverse range of organizations, encompassing public entities, non-profits and private corporations. This backing has facilitated the project’s development, infrastructure and other associated expenses.

Over the years, GPAC has matured, driven by rigorous research, public initiatives and the adoption by an extensive community of developers and researchers. 

Télécom Paris has been an instrumental force behind GPAC since its inception. As one of France’s leading technological universities, Télécom Paris has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of multimedia. Their unwavering support and expertise have been pivotal in driving the evolution and success of GPAC. Currently serving as the host organization for the software, Télécom Paris continues to champion its development, ensuring that GPAC remains at the forefront of multimedia solutions.

Since 2003, GPAC has been funded by 25+ major EU and French R&D projects with an ever increasing scope in: 

  • Broadcast,mobile broadcast
  • Digital Radio
  • DataCast (EPG, Apps, (e)MBMS)
  • IP Streaming, OTT
  • Content Protection
  • 3d, Auto-stereo displays, 360 VR
  • Scalable coding
  • Hybrid broadcast / broadband
  • Interactivity (SVG, MPEG-4, LASeR, Widgets..)
  • Image formats (HEIF) 
  • Ad Insertion

In its journey spanning over two decades, GPAC has firmly established itself as an authoritative and trustworthy entity in the multimedia landscape. The support it has received demonstrates the confidence placed in its capabilities by industry stalwarts. 

Our alliances with esteemed industry partners, research institutions, and academic powerhouses further underscore our commitment to innovation, excellence and the collaborative community spirit that fuels GPAC.

Our deep-rooted connections with cutting-edge research initiatives, major R&D projects, and leading academic institutions have positioned GPAC at the nexus of technological advancements in multimedia. Corporate sponsorships have also provided substantive support.

As we continue to push the boundaries, our focus remains on delivering unparalleled solutions, fostering collaborations, and upholding the trust and respect we’ve garnered over the years.

Join us as we continue to shape the future of multimedia, driven by passion, innovation, and a legacy of excellence. Learn more.