Welcome to the GPAC community, a vibrant hub of innovation, collaboration, and multimedia exploration. At the heart of GPAC is a team of seasoned professionals with profound expertise in media processing. Whether you’re a developer eager to tap into cutting-edge multimedia frameworks, a company scouting for professional support, training or commercial licensing, or a multimedia enthusiast ready to dive into the world of GPAC, there’s a niche for you here.

GPAC is more than just a software; it’s a collective endeavor. Contributions span beyond coding. They encompass the meticulous efforts of those curating documentation, the generosity of individuals offering resources for tests, the dedication of testers vetting every new feature, and so much more. Every gesture, every line of code, every feedback enriches GPAC, making it a flagship open-source multimedia project.

Together, with our diverse community of users, contributors, and business partners, we’ve built an award-winning legacy of excellence and innovation. And as we look to the future, we invite you to be a part of this continuing journey.

Being a part of GPAC means being a part of something bigger. Our community spans the globe, with thousands actively contributing, using, and benefiting from the GPAC framework. Being a part of GPAC means being a part of something bigger. The benefits of contributing include:

  • Personal Growth: Hone your skills, learn from experts, and stay at the forefront of multimedia innovations.
  • Recognition: Be acknowledged in a community that values and celebrates every contribution.
  • Networking: Connect with professionals, enthusiasts, and businesses from around the world. We regularly attend open source events, academic research conferences, standardization meetings, and major trade shows like NAB and IBC.

Getting Started 

Explore our website, access extensive documentation, and unlock the full potential of GPAC for your multimedia endeavors.

Whether you want to build GPAC yourself, find documentation on the project, or develop tools using GPAC, you can find everything on the documentation Wiki. We suggest to check the FAQ and the Quicklinks in the sidebar to find your way to the most important pages quickly. 


The sustained success and development of GPAC is a testament to the invaluable support of its community. Each contribution, whether it’s feedback, issue reporting, or communication support, plays a crucial role in the project’s advancement. We appreciate and rely on your continued engagement to ensure the project’s excellence and growth. In case of any question or doubt, or if you require priority support, please contact us.