In 2021, the MPEG file format (ISOBMFF, MP4) was awarded an Emmy by the The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) 72nd Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award. In 20 years we made hundreds of contributions to the awarded MPEG File format Subgroup (and still counting)!

The GPAC community has always been amongst the first to implement new ISOBMFF features: movie fragments (required for adaptive streaming), common encryption, the Image File Format (IFFs such as HEIF or AVIF). The support of the GPAC open-source tooling and community proved crucial to create correct and effective standards, and GPAC’s MP4Box became the MP4 swiss-army knife used worldwide by MP4 aficionados, by multimedia researchers and by media companies in production.

Jean Le Feuvre, Télécom Paris, and Romain Bouqueau, Motion Spell

GPAC was also recognized by a NAB Technology Innovation Award in 2018 for hybrid broadcast broadband video services as part of the Convergence TV project. At NAB 2018, The At NAB 2018, the Convergence TV Project is demonstrated the delivery of a full UHDTV service using an ATSC 3.0 broadcast path for distributing a regular HD service (2K + HDR) and an ATSC 3.0 broadband path for enhancing the service from HD to UHDTV (4K + HDR).

Convergence TV was a research project driven by five innovative and high tech companies based in France, including TeamCast (lead), ATEME, Broadpeak, Motion Spell, TDF and two prestigious academic research institutes: INSA Rennes and Telecom Paristech.

The main objective of the project is to work on hybrid delivery of advanced TV services, using a broadcast delivery as mainstream and broadband add-ons for a better Quality of Experience, immersiveness or interactivity. The project chose ATSC 3.0 as their all-IP hybrid delivery system. The Convergence TV project was sponsored by the French Government and two local councils (Region Bretagne and Region Ile-De-France).

NAB presents the Technology Innovation Award to organizations that have made a significant contribution to broadcasting and that bring advanced technology exhibits and demonstrations to the NAB Show. 

In 2017, GPAC won an Excellence Award for Multimedia from Celtic+, an ICT Cluster under the umbrella of EUREKA, for H2B2VS – HEVC Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Video Services. The project, led by Thomson Video Networks, France, combined the broadcast network with the broadband market by providing enabling technology. One highlight is the standardization of the TEMI protocol enabling the synchronization mechanisms for hybrid networks.

Eureka is the world’s most extensive public network for international cooperation in R&D and innovation and is present in over 45 countries. Celtic-Next is the Eureka Cluster focusing on secure, trusted and sustainable next-generation communications for the digital society.

In 2013 and 2016 GPAC and its collaborators were awarded for their work in Ultra HD as part of the 4Ever (and its 4Ever-2 sequel) along with France Télévisions and other industry partners., including Orange, AMP VISUAL TV, ATEME, France Televisions, Globecast, Highlands Technologies Solutions, INSA, TeamCast and Telecom ParisTech. NAB presents the Technology Innovation Award to organizations that have made a significant contribution to broadcasting and that bring advanced technology exhibits and demonstrations to the NAB Show. The 4EVER-2 consortium received this award this year for “Demonstrating Important Benefits and Features of Ultra High Definition Television over Different Types of Networks”.