5000th commit, 10 years of open-source software

Dear followers,

We are happy to celebrate the 5000th commit on the GPAC codebase.

GPAC is an adventure started by Jean Le Feuvre in 2000. It has been made open-source in 2003. Since then GPAC has grown regularly to provide you with new features around multimedia and streaming : )

It can now package MP4 and MPEG2-TS using MP4Box and MP42TS, stream with the DASH, HLS, RTP, … protocols , and play back with Osmo4 on many platforms (desktop, mobile, embedded). We even have a live transcoder named DashCast!

2013 has also been an important year for our professional users. They are now able to get professional licensing and services using GPAC Licensing. Don’t worry, GPAC will remain open-source software : )

According to the analytics site ohloh.net, GPAC has over 650k lines of code and has needed 177 years of effort!


If you are interested in statistics, you can read this.

The GPAC team